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  Frédérick Lainesse
( 1986 - 2007 )


Fred était une personne vraiment cool,tout le monde l'aimais bien.
Il était un bon musicien et aussi un bon étudiant à l'institut Trebas.
Je le connaissais depuis peux de temps mais juste asser pour vous dire qu'il avait un grand coeur et qu'il ma beaucoup aider.
je n'oublierai jamais son sourire.

J'ai fait cette page pour offrir mes Condoléances à sa famille et à ses ami(Es)

Et aussi pour les etudiants et profs de trebas qui on passer les 6 derniers mois en sa compagnie.

Fred est décédé après avoir été heurté par un train à Saint-Basile-le-Grand le 9 aout 2007.

Vous pouvez laisser vos Condoléances ou Messages sur cette page.

(les photos ici proviens de son site internet,des photos de ses parents,du site internet à Mathieu Alie et de photo que j'ai prise a trebas)

Musique par :
Days of the new-Dirty road

une de ses chansons préféré.

Rest in peace my friend

Stéphane Mallet

On behalf of the entire staff and student body of Trebas Institute in Montreal, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the entire family of Frederick on this most tragic event. Any death of a dear one is difficult to take, but when it is such a young person, a child of the family, it is even more painful to accept. Frederick was one of our better students and we shall certainly all miss his enthusiasm and presence with us. Please accept my personal condolences during this time of bereavement.
David P. Leonard

David P.Leonard  ( President & Founder, Trebas Institute )

It's still impossible to understand how/why this could happen. It seems like just yesterday all the boys were getting together for their Thursday night KHS hockey games... and now everyone gathers for a different reason. To celebrate the life of an amazing person- a life cut short. Fred will be missed and he will never be forgotten. Claude and Monique- My prayers are with you and all of your family- I pray for the strength and the courage for you all to get through this hard time. RIP FRED LAINESSE #21. always in our hearts- always remembered!

Jenifer Daidone  ( )

Dearest Monique, Claude and family. Please accept my sincere sympathy, may courage and strength be your guide in the days ahead during a most difficult period.
"Parents' hearts are always with their children". (anonymous)

Bob DiIorio  ( Co-worker at Nortel )

Claude,Monique and family,

No words can express how much we feel for your loss. Nothing can soothe the loss of a loved one, but know that our thought and prayers are with you. We pray that God will give you peace and comfort in the precious memories of the time you spent together.

Much Love.

Raymond and Amanda Jay  ( Co worker and wife of Claude and Monique )

I never met or knew your son and I feel like I have missed knowing a truly wonderful young man. I know that God will hold you in His hands and heart at this tragic time because I have asked Him to and He is true to His promise of comfort. We are saddened by your loss of such a wonderful son. God Bless your family always.

Becky Doyle  ( Mother-in law of Ray Jay (Nascar Race) )

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