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  Frédérick Lainesse
( 1986 - 2007 )


Fred était une personne vraiment cool,tout le monde l'aimais bien.
Il était un bon musicien et aussi un bon étudiant à l'institut Trebas.
Je le connaissais depuis peux de temps mais juste asser pour vous dire qu'il avait un grand coeur et qu'il ma beaucoup aider.
je n'oublierai jamais son sourire.

J'ai fait cette page pour offrir mes Condoléances à sa famille et à ses ami(Es)

Et aussi pour les etudiants et profs de trebas qui on passer les 6 derniers mois en sa compagnie.

Fred est décédé après avoir été heurté par un train à Saint-Basile-le-Grand le 9 aout 2007.

Vous pouvez laisser vos Condoléances ou Messages sur cette page.

(les photos ici proviens de son site internet,des photos de ses parents,du site internet à Mathieu Alie et de photo que j'ai prise a trebas)

Musique par :
Days of the new-Dirty road

une de ses chansons préféré.

Rest in peace my friend

Stéphane Mallet

We were deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news about the sudden death of Frederic. Our thoughts are with your family in this difficult time. We hope you can draw from the strength of loved ones around you to uplift you. You and your family have our deepest sympathy. Please know you have people that are thinking about you

Francois & Nina Barbeau  ( Collegue )

Words can not express my sorrow and shock at hearing this terrible news. I wish I was there in person to hug you all and share your pain. Anyone who met Fred, even for a brief time as I did, will always remember his love for life and his family.

Please take some comfort in knowing that there is now one more Angel to watch over us all.

Janice Lockwood  ( ex- coworker )

Je suis très attristé par cette mauvaise nouvelle c'est vraiment une tragédie. Je le connaissais depuis seulement 6 mois. Je voudrais offrir toutes mes condoléances à la famille et aux amis ainsi éprouvés par cette tragédie. Les mots sont bien peux dans des circonstances comme celle-ci

Loraine Dubuc  ( Employé à l'Institut TREBAS )

There would be so much to say, so much left unsaid between you and me. I can still hear the echos of our secret conversations at night about love and life in Jean and Marcelle's basement. Everytime I walk by the kitchen counter where you used to sit to have a smoke and talk with me, the sound of your voice mesmerizes my mind for a moment, just long enough to hear your laugh again, but then it switches back to reality. A reality lacking your presence, lacking your laugh. I never realized how lucky I was to have someone so special by my side, and its difficult to understand how sad I feel that it cost me your death to finally realize it.

However, the memories that you left in the heart of every person who knew you are the sunbeam that shines through the dark clouds of your death. This is what every single person feeling sad or angry about this should hold on to: good memories. Because all you left is good memories. And the giant hole you left in our lives shall be filled by those memories and also by love, the love we all had for you. And I saw a whole lot of this love in the last few days, this is what united all of us in grief.

I will miss our conversations for sure, but I'll also miss having you by my side on the hockey bench, at the table for supper at Jean and Marcelle's but mostly in the hard moments of my life where you used to help me drown my worries away in laughter and good advices.

I know all the tributes we did for you in the last few days weren't made in vain, because even though I have some issues with religion, there is no doubt in my mind that you saw all of this. One way or another, you are out there somewhere waiting with another person I miss very much, waiting for our next encounter with a beer in your hand and a smile on your face. Because I will be smiling as I'm smiling now, thinking I will hear your laugh again.

But not yet my friend, I have a lot of things to accomplish, dreams to achieve that will be done on your behalf. Because from now on, I will live for both of us, I will skate for both of us, but mostly I will love for both of us.

So long my friend, I know I'll see you again someday, but not yet my friend, not yet...

Simon  ( Beau-frère, coéquipier mais surtout ami )

Toutes mes condoléances a vous la famille... sachez que malgré que ca fesait longtemps que je ne l'avais pas vu j'ai quand même grandit avec lui et ce a tout les jours pendant longtemps il me manquera... je pense a vous et surtout a lui !!!!

une vieille am,ie de la garderie...Fred tu sera dans mes pensées pour la vie.

Emilie Crête  ( vieille amie )

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